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At iSports Marketing, we are continuing to bring fresh and innovative ways for your brand to interact with your target audience at sporting events.

In this iSM alert, we profile our new product the FaceSign.


The FaceSign is the perfect advertising medium for big events – your brand and your message are the centre of attention - with the supporters and the media!

The FaceSign is an exclusive product to iSports Marketing – the high quality of the material used for the FaceSign allows any design, any writing or any emblem to be reproduced accurately.

The stickers are water & sweat resistant and based on medical tape to ensure no irritation to the your skin.

Our latest campaign with the NSW Waratahs is an example of what you can achieve with the FaceSign.

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The Skoona Moova – the re-useable non disposable, pocket sized, 1 handed, brandable drinks carrier

Keep fans thirsty for more – the Skoona Moova enables you to carry four drinks at once in one hand!

It is the perfect solution to carrying drinks at sports events, festivals and other crowded situations where carrying 2 or more drinks effectively at one time has been difficult and messy.

The Skoona Moova can be printed with your business logo, text or details for your next promotion or special event – it’s innovative, practical and has a purpose!

Light, compact & pocket size, the Skoona Moova is reusable time and time

  Skoona Moova

again, ensuring longevity of your brand with the consumer. This unit suits most common sized foam, plastic or paper based cups. This product can be used for a wide variety of drinks and is not restricted to alcoholic beverages.

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