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H.A.U.BThe world of "Interactive" Urinal Advertising is endless... HAUB (Heat Activated Urinal Billboards) has taken heat sensitive ink technology to a new level. This innovative medium combines high definition color graphics, hidden by "disappearing ink" delivering an interactive message to a captive audience... A perfect strategy to get your message across.

Used successfully in a drink driving campaign in New Zealand, it is a perfect Billboard to deliver any message to a male audience. Strategically placed in the corner of a urinal, (yes that's correct... studies show that 8-10 males prefer the corner), it's sure to generate interest when color when a male enters the bathroom.

The heat in a male's urine will deliver the message and the automatic flush from the toilet will re-set it for the next unsuspecting visitor... A perfect repetitive marketing tactic.

  • Because it's New
    With so much advertising being thrown at consumers these days, people tend to switch off!! HAUB will give you on average 45 seconds of undivided attention from a male, and studies also show that males will take notice when it's in the toilet. The interest generated by HAUB in New Zealand, did more for drink driving awareness than any other campaign of its type in the past.
  • Guerilla marketing at its best
    HAUB will deliver your message when a male urinates on the board, it will reset to a black poster when the urinal does an automatic flush, ready for the next visitor. The perfect guerilla medium.
  • Demonsratable Success
    Its novel, amusing and will definitely get people talking, we discovered by combining HAUB with traditional indoor advertising you are guaranteed to reach perfect saturation of your campaigns message. It's worked before why not for your campaign...
  • The elusive Male
    HAUB is a messaging medium - an exciting and unique way of conveying any message or illustration. Males can be a particularly hard target market to penetrate, however our novel delivery gets your message across when they are most vulnerable... the toilet.
  • Long life and reliable
    HAUB boards will last for 3 to six months, depending on the amount of use and cleaning chemicals used. This will give repetitive exposure of you message throughout your campaign to your targeted audience.